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Elizabeth United Methodists Women work on several missions throughout the year. Are you interested in being a part of the women's group? We meet monthly, you'll find the meetings on the church calendar. Below are a few of the missions we have been involved with. We welcome any woman regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey. Please join us and enjoy the company of other woman, serving our loving God by helping others.

Elizabeth United Methodists Men welcome you to join them in their efforts to serve our loving God. Our UMM have done some impressive missions and look forward to expanding their outreach. This year UMM were able to supply area schools with sports equipment that the schools could not have continued these programs without. They also worked with the local High Schools and created a diversion program for teens without Dads at home.

Prayer Team meets on Saturday's. Check the calendar for scheduled dates and times. Call us at 303-646-1870 if you are interested in joining the team.