Archived Newsletters and Audio Sermons


In the archives we have copies of past Newsletters and Audio recordings of past sermons. These are available upon request. Please send an email to for the files you are requesting. Please use “ARCHIVED FILE REQUEST-NEWSLETTERS” OR “ARCHIVED FILE REQUEST-SERMONS” as the subject in the email (minus the quotations) These files are available in digital format only. Although you may print the Newsletter the Sermons are audio files and are only available in .mp3 and .mp4.

Available Archived Newsletters:

2017–   February • April • May • June • July
2016    February • March • April • May • June • August • November
2015     March • May • June • July • August • October • December
2014     January • February • March • April • May • June • July • August •  • October • November •
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Available Archived Audio Sermon Files:

2017, 2016
2015     May:  10th;  “Shiphra and Puah Thumb the Law”,  17th; “When you Pray”.,
2014     January:  12th; “This is my Son”, 19th; “What are you looking for?”, 26th; “The people who sat in darkness”
February:  9th;  “Will this closet do?”, 16th; “Let go!” (Kelsey Hill), 23rd; “What? I can’t hear you!”,
March:  2nd; “Pray without ceasing!”, 9th; “Why?”, 16th;  “Keep a window open for the Spirit!”.
April:  13th;  “Yes, but what’s the question?”.
May:  3rd;  “Watering roses on Jupiter.”, 11th;  (guest sermon by Kelsey Hill)  18th;  “The better the dirt, the better the roses.”, 25th;  “Don’t worry, be happy!”.
June:  1st;  “The not so silent killer.”,  8th;  Pentacost Ohseeyoh! Ziua! Kalimera! Jambo!”, 15th;  “Do you love me?”,
October:  19th;  Laity sermon by Clint Crookshanks.