Building patience

An Update on our New Church Building at 225 W Kiowa Ave

On May 8th we took possession of our new building and lot has happened since then, but we’re still not actually in the building. What’s up with that? It’s a  surprisingly long road between buying the building and being able to renovate and move-in. Much of that process has been happening under the watchful guidance of our two Projert Leaders, Gregg Boone and John Duffield.

Delays on the building permit…

But the nuts and bolts of getting through the requirements also involves an architect, the Town of Elizabeth, the Elizabeth Fire Department and Elizabeth’s SafeBuild contractor.  As of August 17th, we are still waiting for the Town of Elizabeth to issue the building permit we need to begin construction. With that in hand, we’ll be looking at about eight weeks (give or take) to get the building ready for occupancy.

Hard work continues…

In the meantime, we’ve been able to get a lot (!!) of demolition work, thanks to our United Methodist Men’s group. Across three Saturdays they really got after it. Consider this list of accomplishments: carpet removed from all of the upstairs area; cooking hood removed; wet chemical fire suppression removed; entry tile removed from front entrance; coffee bar floor tiles removed; kitchen floor tiles removed; drywall removed in the kitchen; old cabinets removed; old hot water heater removed; two office rooms removed in basement; two overhead cabinets removed in the basement;

wall and door removed from basement bathroom; drywall removed from two basement bathroom walls; plastic/drains & copper lines removed in the basement, and; floor sinks replaced and floor patched.

But since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, bask in the glory of 5,000 wordless words:

New Building Material Donations have been amazing!

You might be worried about what we’re paying for all of this high quality material. Well, we think we can afford it, as all of this is being donated to us. Free is a beautiful number! We will expend some money in getting all of the donated items to our building. That will be well worth the relatively modest expense, considering that an estimated value of these donations is likely be close to $80,000!

Interior Design Team working hard too!

But wait, that’s not all. We also have an active, energetic interior design team busily working on paint colors, window coverings (and window replacement as needed), creative mirror renovation, and a stained glass window in memory of our dear friend, Barbara Conte, that will hang behind the altar. Clearly, we haven’t been sitting around hoping things get done. We’ve been busy on many fronts. Now, if we could just get that building permit, we’d be even busier – and closer to worshiping in our new building. God is building patience in God’s people!


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