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Salt for the World February 5-26 2017

Don’t Sweat the Regret for the Earth 3 for the World; Seek For the World; Reach

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Archived Newsletters and Audio Sermons

IN THE ARCHIVES In the archives we have copies of past Newsletters and Audio recordings of past sermons. These are available upon request. Please send an email to for the files you are requesting. Please use “ARCHIVED FILE REQUEST-NEWSLETTERS” OR “ARCHIVED FILE REQUEST-SERMONS” as the subject in the email (minus the quotations) These files […]

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Audio Sermons

Identity Theft – What's in Your wallet? August 6, 13 & 20, 2017 Salt of the Earth: Teach, Seek, Keep, Reach. 2-19-17 Don't Fret the Regret 1-15-17 The Essential Questions of John Wesley. Sept 3-24, 2017 Things are a mess – And all is well: 4-6-17 Salt of the Earth: Teach, Seek, Keep, Reach. 2-12-17 […]

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