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  1. Laurie G Smith - December 2, 2022

    Elizabeth. Active Senior. Laurie Smith. Looking to form or find a game day, Scrabble group in particular, and word games;………. I have both Regular and Super Scrabble (Extra Squares, takes longer/has more bonus spaces) also have Scrabble UpWords, just as fun but less time; Boggle (fast 3 minute sessions) and Bananagrams…..Stopped by the American legion Post, to meet the sparse (Senior. luncheon/game ) group there on 2 occasions. Today I promoted their existence on Nextdoor including my quest for other Scrabble enthusiasts. During my visit there I was told that the Methodist church was kicking around a “game day idea” AND was told that the Presbyterians already have one…?…OR maybe I’ve mixed the two up?….Enlighten me? Like many seniors I no longer drive at night or in snow….but active, guitar. piano (learning) I am an artist, gratitude practicer from way back. And have always recognized the wonderful fact that (most) churches provide comfort, service, and community building…

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